Letting Our Hearts Be Heard

Photo: Naomi Contopoulous
Photo: Naomi Contopoulous
Photo: Naomi Contopoulous
Photo: Naomi Contopoulous
IMG_8038 2
Photo: Naomi Contopoulous

Our Radio returned for another broadcast on Friday October 23rd with yet another content packed few hours. The afternoon was entitled Let Your Heart Be Heard and amongst a stellar cast, our guest of the day had to be Mr David Brown.  David had travelled down from Wales for the day and it was great to listen to his convictions and belief in Mencap’s five core principles as he shared stories with our CEO Janine Tregelles alongside top anchor man Harry Roche. An atmosphere of fun and excitement permeated the studio throughout the afternoon, punctuated by news, views inspired music and wordy pearls of wisdom.

We started the afternoon off with the Magpie dance group who had travelled up from Kent for the day and were due to give a performance in our breakout area upstairs. Robert and Owen put a great performance on to a full house and they along with their dance tutor Avril were most inspiring. It was good to have them down in the studio and hear their tales of dance, how they got into it, what inspires them, and how it shapes and defines their lives. For anybody out there who would like to express themselves through movement and maybe install a regular workout into their lives we couldn’t recommend Magpie enough. They have been unlocking individual potential and ability and have been at the forefront of dance for people with learning disabilities for 30 years now. A great achievement.

Mary Spillane was our guest on Old Street Island Discs, she had an intriguing selection of songs and was very eloquent in telling us what they meant to her growing up in the town of Tralee and then coming over to live in London and making her way in the world. For me it was great to hear Lust for Life played on Our Radio and have a great blast of positivity from Mary.
Things then got extremely creative as the Power and Control group provided us with a great radio role play entitled Keeping Safe On The Internet. The piece was packed full of good advice and top tips about what to do and not to do when spending time on the internet and who to tell if things seem wrong. Big up to Paul, Michelle, Lloyd, Nabeel and Adelle from Elfrida Society’s PAC, we will definitely have more from them in the future. Before we knew it the day was up and we finished the afternoon’s Broadcast with a piece of Sound Art / Poetry that the Islington Me Time group had devised, inspired by the afternoon’s subject of Letting Our Heart’s Be Heard.

So what next? Our next broadcast will be Friday November 20th and Heart and Soul will be our guests on the day. On the day we loved the tweets that were flying about and we always appreciate the likes on Facebook. Our aim is to use social media as much as possible and make as many contacts as we can both in the LD community and without. The best thing though is knowing we have the possibility of communication, that people might be listening and there is a chance our voices might be heard, let’s hope we can keep transmitting and build on what we have with Our Radio.

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