The Day We Marched Into Spring

So, Our Radio returned for it’s second broadcast on Friday March 6th and what an eventful content packed few hours it was. I must say the star of the day was Mr Harry Roche who anchored the five hours on air with great panache and flair and always seemed to ask the right question at the right time. Harry was supported immensely by the Islington Me Time group and an atmosphere of fun and excitement permeated the studio throughout the afternoon, though there were moments of poignancy to such as the tribute to Tracey Stirling and the IMT telling us why they loved Music with a Message in it.

Harry 06.03.15

A big thanks too to Mary and Andrew in fundraising as the technical side of the station ran smoothly without any hitches or glitches thanks to the new studio hardware we now have. Thanks guys, drinks are on us soon!

We started off with Message in Our Music and the IMT chose some politically and spiritually inspired songs, songs about bad times gone and God times to come and people going out and changing their lives for the better. It was a great way to start the day. We also sneaked the new PKN single in, they being the Finnish LD punk band who have entered the Eurovision Song Contest this year. We don’t know what Terry Wogan will make of the great punk sound of PKN but we will definitely be rooting for them.

After that early flurry of excitement it was time for a breather so thankfully we were able to play another great Bob Pearce podcast. This month Bob talked to Ben about his love of Dr Who which made everyone in the studio space minded and had us thinking we were in a tar dis of our own. Things were warming up nicely and Harry then took the time to tell us about his work with the Inclusion Europe Group.

Next up was a slice of drama workshop as Joe and Isa acted out a section of dialogue they have been writing themselves and rehearsing for a play that is going to be staged in June at the Soho Theatre in collaboration with London Artbox Theatre. The play is called Going Places and we will be testing more sections out on Our Radio over the next few months.

Things then got quite serious and unashamedly sentimental as friends of Tracey Stirling crowded in to the studio live room to pay respects to Tracey Stirling. Tracey was a much loved person on the Islington LD scene and it was heartwarming to hear so much love and respect being poured out for her. It was quite hard to keep it together with so many tears flowing I must say but big props to Erin and Kyle in the control rom for keeping things flowing through the mixing desk. Next to Harry they were true stars on a day of big stars.

And a truly big star was about to join us in the form of Djanan Turan who came in to ‘Introducing Our Guest’ to tell us about the new album she it’s just made and is about to release. The guys asked her about her songwriting skills and techniques and even got to jam with her, the IMT rapping along with Djanan, who in turn was genuinely impressed by their mic skills.

Lloyd 06.03.15

Then all of a sudden time was almost up and the afternoon had flew by and all that was left was for Harry to introduce the last show of this months Transmission. After all the positivity and gravity of the hours gone it was fantastic to end on a high and light Freddy Mercury styled note as we got around the table to say that The Show Must Go On! Lloyd and Emma persuaded the sceptical Our Radio team that Queen were the bees knees in the rock music field. They were very convincing. It was great off-the-wall radio. It made us want to break free. We were all set up for the weekend. Our Radio had done it again!

So what next? Our next broadcast will be Friday April 10th and already we are searching out new and interesting guests. On the day we loved the tweets that were flying about and we always appreciate the likes on Facebook. Our aim is to use social media as much as possible and make as many contacts as we can both in the LD community and without. The best thing though is knowing we have the possibility of communication, that people might be listening and there is a chance our voices might be heard, around all that is the fact that doing Our Radio is just damn good fun. The best fun in the world right now!

Archived segments of the show can be found at

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