New Beginnings

At the start of 2014 we began to set up the OurRadio online station for people with learning disabilities project.
We had already been running a radio session at the immense ResonanceFM and at a discussion the group said they would like to take things even further and start their own online station.
The recording studio in the Mencap basement had lain dormant for a long time and a radio station seemed to be the perfect excuse to reactivate the space.
We asked the guys what they wanted and the consensus was that they would like to be a voice for the community and turn people on to great sounds and more than that be in control of their dreams hopes fears and wishes.
So…. Our Radio
The plan is to have a functioning online station putting out five hours of content to coincide with Mencap‘s Big Plan launch on Thursday 29th of January. Once the station is up and running our aim is to have service users from the Islington Me Time group and beyond trained up as radio programme makers, to be producers and presenters.
The adventure starts here and this blog will hopefully capture the trials and tribulations as well as moments of glory of running an LD radio station. Keep tuned….

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